Benefits of Exchange Server over Lotus Notes

Tuesday Dec 13, 2011

Both Lotus Notes and Exchange Server are the email clients but the discrepancies and differences between them lead the users to choose Exchange Server. The differences create our preferences towards one of these email clients. There are several factors and benefits that compel the users to select Exchange Server between the two. Lotus Notes involve greater cost factor than Exchange Server which results in switching from former to latter. Besides, Exchange Server is easy to handle and manage than Lotus Notes which further becomes a suitable reason for changing platform. Moreover, Lotus Notes requires technical expertise to operate while Exchange Server is quite easy to handle and novice users can go with it. These are the reasons due to which many organizations are adopting Exchange Server rather than Lotus Notes.

While migrating from one platform to another, you must make some prior preparations to execute the conversion successfully and to accept the changes done to your email platform. Two things are recommended to be done before doing such conversion which are:

  • Keep backup of the data before conversion: you must take precaution and need to keep backup data before you are pursuing migration process. As data loss may happen so it’s always a better practice to take up preventive measure so that you might not face any erroneous situation.
  • Get prepared for the Change: you should organize everything to accept the respective changes done to your email messaging platform. You should ensure that the system has configured accurately and you are enabled with the information like name, password to access the database.

Choosing third party notes to Exchange migration tool provides the best possible mechanism to conveniently convert Lotus notes to Exchange Server. There are several third party utilities available which can be opted for such conversion. You can also choose Lotus Notes to Outlook conversion tool that helps in converting Notes to Exchange Server instantly. This tool is completely capable of converting emails, contacts, journals, appointments, tasks, notes and various other items while preserving the same formatting of the data.

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