Notes to exchange 2010 migration

Thursday Apr 26, 2012

Don’t just upgrade your emailing version; migrate to a whole new messaging environment. The all new Exchange 2010 gives you the ultimate messaging and collaborative experience. If you are a Lotus Notes user, it’s time to think about the benefits you are experiencing and those that you can avail with a simple migration. But Notes to exchange 2010 migration calls for a bit different approach than earlier methods but before that, here’s a quick description of the distinct benefits of Outlook over Notes.

1.The prime reason is easy usage and simple interface of Outlook email client which compels many Lotus Notes users to migrate.
2.Another important reason for this switch is that Lotus Notes does not offer flexibility like Microsoft.
3.Manageability cost of Lotus Notes is comparatively much higher than MS Outlook.
4.Lotus Notes is reputed more as an enterprise level email application, thus not suited for use on home PCs, adding one more reason for Lotus Notes to Outlook conversion.

Now the case is….

Migration doesn’t allow for the configuration settings to smoothly transition over as they would if you were moving from Exchange 2003 or 2007 Exchange to 2010. The problem is when you try to use the Microsoft Transporter Suite, installation completes but the configuration fails. This is because it was never designed for Exchange Server 2010. Transporter Suite can’t be used for Notes to Exchange 2010 migration as Microsoft didn’t update the tool for Exchange 2010.

As per Microsoft, the Transport suite won’t support or will be developed for Exchange 2010 in near future as most customers already prefer more full featured tools, versus the free Exchange migration tool offered by Microsoft. When you try to migrate directly from Notes to Exchange 2010, this is what happens:

What does not function?

1.Directory Synchronization
2.Free Busy
3.Move-Domino Mailbox

You can though Move-DominoUser UI/powershell using it.


Well this is not everyone’s task. An Exchange Certified Master and MVP for Exchange can use an Exchange 2007 Server and the Microsoft Transporter Suite to first migrate to Exchange 2007 and then transition to 2010. You can use this as your bridge server to and from Domino for the duration of the coexistence and migration, and then retire it when complete.

Well, there is a better solution to directly avoid this bridge method. As Microsoft indicates, use a third party software program to migrate directly from Notes to Exchange 2010.

Notes to Outlook tool to ensure a stable, secure and manageable unified communications platform. This is all inclusive software to help at each step of migration from planning and analysis through migration and ongoing management. It converts any number of .NSF file(s) to .PST/Exchange. It also lets you to directly convert Domino user mailboxes to new account in Exchange Server or .PST. No need to first migrate and then transit to finally accustom yourself with Exchange 2010 environment. Simply experience the features of this amazing tool and know more about it with the free version itself.

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