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Tuesday Mar 19, 2013

Find out ways to convert Notes to Exchange in a minute

Not that Lotus Notes is a bizarre or bad email client when compared to MS Outlook, but it sounds strange to people who do not know it. Suppose, the client you are dealing with has Lotus Notes installed on his system and you have not worked on anything other MS Outlook on a Windows system, then it might sound Alien to you.

On the contrary, Lotus Notes is just an application suit that includes email, calendaring, address book, database, web server and programming. Unlike MS Outlook, it does not split several features in various software, instead it has all in one. However, due to ease of use and popularity, most of the people have no idea what Lotus Notes is and its usage.

Additionally, when due to some urgent requirement or in case of company mergers, you have to convert Notes file into Exchange, it gets important to keep the accuracy maintained. You must be well proficient in technical terms and know about both the applications in advance. Here, have a look at how you can convert Lotus Notes Organizer 6.0 To-Do list to Microsoft Outlook.

  • Export the To-Do data to Text ASCII (.txt) format
  • Click the file option in Outlook, select Import and Export for starting the Wizard
  • Select Import from another program or file, click next
  • Select file type to import and click next
  • Attach the Organizer To-Do file in the Browse section that was previously exported in Text ASCII format. Select the file by left click and click next
  • Specify the destination folder in Outlook and click next
  • After completing this, select Map Custom Fields
  • Now, Drag and drop the appropriate values on to the destination field on right
  • Click finish once the mapping is completed

After the completion of conversion process user might get these errors:

1. Only first category is imported to Outlook

2. Call entries are not imported to Outlook

3. Note entries are not imported to Outlook

4. Planner entries are imported as appointments in the Calendar

5. Organizer events are imported as individual events in Outlook

Similarly, when you try to convert Lotus Notes files to Exchange Server, you might face same issue. Either entire files are not converted or they tend to get corrupt in between. Hence, under such situations, one can use Lotus Notes to Outlook software that effectively converts Notes to Exchange in minutes. It entirely converts all files along with data contained to the PST files without much trouble. It supports every version of Lotus Notes, Lotus Domino, MS Outlook, and MS Exchange Server and converts the data into PST files easily. It keeps the format intact and is very easy to use. You can also download the free version of this tool before purchasing the complete utility.

Blog Summary

To be able to convert entire Notes to Exchange files with data contained, trust no other tool than Lotus Notes to Outlook. Easy to use, simple and exquisite Notes to Exchange tool migrates all NSF files within minutes!

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