What to do when Migration Wizard fails?

Friday Sep 9, 2011

In order to fulfill the increasing email communication demands, numerous email clients such as MS Outlook, Lotus Notes, Outlook Express, Mail, KMail, OperaMail, etc are present in the market.
Of all these email clients, Lotus Notes and MS Outlook are the two most popular email clients worldwide and are often being switched or migrated from one to another.

One way to migrate or switch from Notes to Exchange environment is to manually migrate from Lotus Notes to Outlook email client.

However, another way is to use a Microsoft provided utility known as the Migration Wizard to migrate or convert from Notes to Exchange environment.

Though, you can easily and successfully migrate from Lotus Notes to Outlook email client using the Migration Wizard, however, there is one limitation of this Migration Wizard. The limitation of this Migration Wizard is that this Migration Wizard completely fails just in case the mailbox size exceeds 1 GB in size or let’s say if the emails and other data items in the mailbox exceeds 16,000 marks in a single folder.

Now you must be thinking as to what can be done in such a situation when the Migration Wizard itself fails.

Well, just in case the Migration Wizard fails to successfully and flawlessly switch from Lotus Notes to Exchange environment, you can take help of a professional, efficient, and at the same time a comprehensive third party Lotus Notes to Outlook email client conversion tool to convert or migrate Lotus Notes to Exchange environment.

With the help of a professional and efficient third party Lotus Notes to Outlook email client conversion software, you can easily and efficiently convert Lotus Notes to Outlook files in an easy and efficient manner.

Lotus Notes to Outlook is a professional, efficient, and reliable Lotus Notes to Outlook conversion software which is completely capable of switching or migrating Notes to Outlook files.

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